RSM Infrastructure

The RSM International School infrastructure setup corresponds with international standards and includes the following elements:

1. Classroom: Classrooms are designed to be relaxed, open, airy and conducive of sustaining a good frame of mind that is attentive and ready to absorb information and knowledge. The seating systems are ergonomically planned to promote good posture and comfort.

2. Sport: The RSM International School is equipped with huge playgrounds and indoor stadiums to conduct various sports. The infrastructure for multiple sporting activities is backed by professional coaching for outdoor sports such as cricket, football, basketball, table tennis, carom and many other. The school encourages students to participate in district, state and national level competitions.

3. Transport: Organizing transport for students is an optional facility. Charges differ from student to student based on the pickup point and logistical distance of the same from the school.

4. Library: The RSM International School libraries provide students with good quality books to enhance the student's level of thinking and stimulate cultural, intellectual, and emotional growth. The school also provides teachers with a wealth of reference material to enhance teaching and learning outcomes.

5. ICT Laboratory: Students are encouraged to make use of computers in their learning processes. The curriculum infuses substantial involvement of technology and computers at every stage thereby enabling students to appreciate and apply these skills in real time.

6. Science Labs: The RSM International School has state-of-the-art laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology complete with the latest tools and equipment. The school exercises the necessary precautions to ensure lab safety & avoid accidents. These laboratories enable students to achieve a deeper understanding of concepts taught in the classroom by way of demonstrations, applications and processes based on these concepts.

7.Art And Craft Rooms: Art and Craft help students to think out of box and give them opportunity to flourish their talents.

8.Music & Dance Rooms: Music & Dance bring out the talent of the students and give them the opportunity to de-stress.

9.Smart Classrooms: In collaboration with NextGen, classrooms at RSM International School is equipped with a smart board, not just to make the class interesting but also to bring virtual world inside the classroom.